By winning the Rip Curl Cup at Sunset 19 yr. old Zane Harrison received a slot in the Pipe Trials.

Zane Harrison finished 3rd in the Trials earning him a spot in the Main Event.

Young Hawaiian Mikala Jones was charging the early heats of the Trials.

In a major dramatic moment former Pipe Master Derek Ho was rescued by lifeguard Petey Johnson after hitting his head on the inside reef during his heat against Mikala Jones.

After losing the final heat in the last 10 seconds of the Pipe Masters last year young Kaui surfer Bruce Irons is once again determined to make his mark at Pipeline.

Bruce¹s performance in the Trials was a true standout.

North Shore Pipe specialist Liam McNamara detonating The Bomb.

Former Pipe Master turned minister Joey Buran confessed ³This is the last pro contest of my career². Will he eat his words like he did this wave?

Hawaii¹s Tamayo Perry showed his experience at riding the deepest barrels at Pipe earning him 1st place in the Trials.

After the finals of the Trials Kelly Slater paddled out and had the beach going wild with this deep backside barrell just before dark.

CJ Hobgood scored a perfect 10 in his first round heat of the Main Event of the Mountain Dew / Gerry Lopez Pipeline Masters.

No tail slides and airs today. Timmy Curran standing tall in the barrell at Pipe.

In the most weighted heat of day (if not the century) Shane Dorian was eliminated by Pat O¹Connell and Kelly Slater.

It was Pat O¹Connell¹s perfect 10 score at Backdoor that blasted him into 1st place ahead of Slater and Dorian.

An ankle injury didn¹t stop wildcard seed Damien Hobgood from charging the sets. Congrats for making next years WCT!

Florida¹s Corey Lopez jumped into the ring with Sunny Garcia and Taylor Knox and ended up with a broken nose from a board bashing while duck-diving a set

The 1999 World Champ ³Occy² showing true form at Pipeline.

Australia¹s Taj Burrow charged this Backdoor wave and bounced off the inside reef on his tailbone earning him a slot in the emergency room.

Florida¹s Bryan Hewitson won his first round heat collecting a few more much needed points toward requalifying for next year¹s WCT.

Shea Lopez seeing a deeper shade of soul before entering the barrell at Pipe.

Andy Irons scored the highest total heat points (28.35) of the day including this perfect 10 right at the buzzer.

The Pipeline arena with Luke Egan centerstage.