The final day of the Pipe Masters saw alot more traffic at Backdoor than the previous day. Bruce Irons charging toward his first Pipe Masters victory.


Bruce Irons takes the stand above Kelly Slater (2nd), CJ Hobgood (3rd) and Jamie O'Brien (4th). "I'm sooo stoked" replied Bruce repeatedly.

In his semi-final against Bruce 'n Andy Irons and Luke Egan Slater scored a perfect 10 at Backdoor that began with a free fall drop and ended with double barrells.

Japanese surfer Naohisa Ogawa scored the only other perfect 10 on the first day of the event on what was considered the best wave of the entire season to date.

The newly crowned ASP World Champ CJ Hobgood made the finals of the Pipe Masters thus solidifying his reign at the top of the class.

Unfortunately for the goofy-footer most of the action during the finals was done at Backdoor which was dominated by Bruce Irons and Kelly Slater.

Andy Irons logged into some serious tube time but was eliminated by Kelly and sibling rival Bruce in the semi's thus ruining Andy's shot at the Triple Crown.

Although making the heat Damien Hobgood suffered a severe fin gash when pulling into a Pipe barrel. The injury caused the Floridian to pull out of the competition.

18 year old Jamie O'Brien was the youngest competitor in the field. The Pipeline resident took down some local heavies including Poncho, Tamayo and Johnny Boy.

Another young local Oahu surfer, Fred Patacchia, scored some great tubes at Pipe making a strong statement regarding the future of the young Hawaiian rat pack.

All Photo's Copyright Kevin Welsh / Surf NRG.