XS Energy
  The 10th Anniversary edition of the Surf NRG Video Series stars Ben Bourgeois, Asher Nolan, Bobby Martinez, Frank Walsh, Hewy, Noah Snyder and Grom superstars Dylan Graves and Adam Wickwire along with a host of the top WCT pro's. Locations include Puerto Rico, Sebastian Inlet, Hatteras and the North Shore of Hawaii as good as it ever gets! One
Fulll Hour of Surf NRG!

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  Ocean Energy
  Surf NRG vol. #9 by Kevin Welsh
Winner of the Year 2000 SURFER Magazine VIDEO AWARD for the Humorous Category!
The North Shore fires with highlights of SLATER¹s magic acts at PIPE, a look at the North Shore thru the eye¹s of SHEA LOPEZ and an interview with 19-year-old Australian upstart and Rip Curl Cup Champion Zane Harrison.
The Kech-O-Dile Hunter (Matt Kechele) slings Boa¹s, grabs Crocs and scores insane waves in Costa Rica with his Quiksilver bro¹s. Featured in the December 2000 issue of SURFER and Winner of the Year 2000 SURFER MAGAZINE Video Award category for ³Most Humorous² segment with the Boa slinging incident.
The Caribbean goes off when the cold fronts go off the EAST COAST. See beautiful crystal blue perfection with Baron Knowlton, Noah Snyder, David Speir and others capturing the bounty. Dean Randazzo and Todd Morcom go head to head in the finals of the INDEPENDENCE DAY PRO at SOUP BOWL in BARBADOS where local Mark Holder is the boss. We check in with the local Puerto Ricans during the winter time sessions.
SLATER returns home to FLORIDA after the North Shore circus and rips apart 2nd light in Cocoa Beach and First Peak at Sebastian Inlet. He even scores a hole-in-one.

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  NRG 2000
  Hop on board an exclusive journey with Six-time World Champ Kelly Slater as he joins fellow Florida surf legend Matt Kechele for an expedition to a secret outer reef in the Bahamas. Log onto CJ Hobgood¹s performance at the Gotcha Tahiti Pro, go soul tripping with Donovan Frankenreiter in Panama and clock into the North Shore office where the top WCT pro¹s are working overtime in Hawaii¹s knarley juice.The internet has become a viable tool for todays modern day surfer utilized to forecast surf, track hurricanes and tune into current events around the surfing world. NRG 2000 taps into these sources while chasing Atlantic Hurricanes and scores bigtime.
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  Pure Energy
  PURE ENERGY features the U.S.A.'s hottest twins, Rusty teamriders CJ and Damien Hobgood, and the explosive surfing of the East Coast's latest addition to the World Contest Tour (WCT), Billabong's Bryan 'Hewy' Hewitson. Also featured are segments on East Coast top pro's Danny Melhado, David Speir and Peter Media. Live the chlorine dream as the top WCT pro's (Slater, Machado, Kalani, Beschen, Williams, Bourgeois and Gouvea) surf the Disney wavepool at Typhoon Lagoon. PURE ENERGY then jumps in the SURF NRG Motorhome for a roadtrip chasing surf to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the East Coast surf mecca. Volume #7 also features footage of Florida's hottest breaks, Sebastian Inlet and Palm Beach's Reef Road.
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  Positive Energy
  Positive Energy is a must have video for anyone that's been to or planning a trip to Costa Rica. Take a modern day travel adventure 4-wheeling thru raging rivers and rough terrain to one of the longest peeling point breaks in the world located deep in the jungles of Central America. Positive Energy also includes a documentary on Huntington Beach, California (Surf City USA) and the top pro's charging the North Shore winter surf. Also check out some of the top Wakeboarding Pro's going ballistic in Orlando, Florida.
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  Blue Energy
  BLUE ENERGY features classic Hurricane footage of the best East Coast summer ever (Summer of '96). Shot from New England to Miami volume #5 captures throaty tubes in Hatteras, perfect New England point breaks and Slater ripping it at home in Sebastian Inlet, Florida. BLUE ENERGY also takes a look at one of todays hottest New School surfers Ben Bourgeois. One of the prime segments in volume #5 is the biggest surf ever recored at Maui's Honolua Bay featuring Baron Knowlton, Dean Randazzo and Martin Potter.
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  Nuclear NRG
  NUCLEAR NRG heads South of the Border and captures thick barrels at Puerto Escondido, the Mexican Pipeline. Chase winter swells to the warm Caribbean, jet back to South Florida for a showdown between Baron Knowlton and Peter Mendia then head north to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for some early springtime barrels. NUCLEAR NRG also highlights some of the worlds most beatiful ladies at the finals of the Miss REEF.
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  Liquid NRG
  Liquid NRG brings you Costa Rican travel adventure from the pounding shorebreak of Hermosa to the perfect reef break at Playa Negra. Taylor Knox heads to Puerto Rico finding uncrowded perfection. LIQUID NRG includes highlights of the Natural Art contest at Soup Bowl in Barbados and chronicles the season's North Shore winter with the top pro's. Soundtrack includes Helmet and Offspring.
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  Island NRG
  This video features some of the best Caribbean footage ever captured on video! Gas Chambers is one reason why Puerto Rico is considered the Hawaii of the Atlantic. The island juice is sweet at Soup Bowl in Barbados especially when it's overhead and glassy Margaritta Island (Pan Am Surf Championships). Hurricane Emily skirts the Carolina coast causing floods and destuction, but also perfect surf in her wake. Featured in SURFERª Magazine.
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  NRG Vol.1
  Number one in the Surf NRG Series, this video was filmed in 1991, the year of the epic Halloween Swell that pummeled the East Coast with some of the largest Atlantic surf ever recorded. The focal point was RC's in Satellite Beach, Florida where Matt Kechle, Bill Hartley and Charlie Kuhn charged the peak of the swell on 8'0' & 9'0" guns. The swell is also well documented in South Florida (Reef Road) including spectacular helicopter footage of Lake Worth Pier crumbling into the sea. This is one of the few chances to see this epic "Swell of The Century."
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