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The following seven shot sequence is of Kelly Slater's last wave in the finals which he scored a perfect 10!

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Sequence 3

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Sequence 6

Sequence 7. His final scores for his top three waves in the final included this perfect 10, a 9.9 and a 9.0 totalling 28.9 - the highest scoring heat of the event.

Kelly Slater takes the stage for winning his 5th Pipeline Masters Championship.

From left to right: Shane Wehner (2nd), Kelly Slater (1st), Mark Occhilupo (Occy) and Sunny Garcia (equal 3rd).

Needing an 8.51 to beat Occy in their man-on-man semi final heat Kelly pulls into this Backdoor barrell with just 15 seconds left..,

After getting spit out of the deep tube Kelly signs off with an insane roundhouse cutty earning him a perfect 10 score and winning the heat. Sorry Occy!

Triple Crown winner Sunny Garcia (yellow) shakes hands with Gerry Lopez as the 1999 ASP World Champ Occy (red) looks on.

Runner up Shane Wehner took down some heavies along the way including Damien Hardmen, Shea Lopez, Matt Hoy and Sunny. Ironically Shane will not be competing on tour next year.

Sunny Garcia won his 4th Triple Crown title by getting an equal third at the Mountain Dew/Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters.

Mark Occhilupo, 1999 ASP World Champion charging Pipe.

Kelly's been telling him for years to go right. In the Slater vs. Machado man-on-man first heat of the final day Rob took his advice and scored a perfect 10 - but still fell short of victory against Slatz.

Andy Irons scored a perfect 10 in the last heat against Luke Egan by ripping apart a 2nd reef set wave and getting barrelled on the inside. His momentum was halted in the man-on-man quarters against Sunny Garica.

CJ Hobgood finished an equal 9th getting knocked out by Occy in the round before the quarters. In his previous heat CJ defeated Pat O'Connell who was on a high from his earlier win against Slater and Dorian in the first round of the Main Event.

Florida's Bryan Hewitson finished a respectable equal 9th at the Pipe Masters surfing with an injured ankle.

The kids had a field day collecting autographs of the top pro's. Bryan Hewitson (Hewy) signs the back of a groms shirt.

Kelly Slater went looney landing a 540 Air Spin in his heat against Machado. Check our profile page for the rest of the images to this futuristic move and hear Kelly's remarks regarding how the judges should be scoring these manuevers.

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