East Coast Hurricanes 2004
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Hurricane Frances pummeled Florida's East Coast but it was Jeanne 20 days later that brought the house down. Satellite Beach, Florida. © Kevin Welsh/SurfNRG.com


Hurricane Karl was one of the few hurricanes that didn't make landfall. Instead he stayed several hundred miles offshore and sent long period swell to the entire East Coast. © Kevin Welsh / SurfNRG.com

Puerto Rico's Dylan Graves spent a month cruising the
East Coast in the Surf NRG RV scoring all kind of waves

from Florida to the Carolina's, New Jersey to Long Island.
© Kevin Welsh / Surf NRG.com

Eric Taylor flew home for a couple days to clean up his
families homestead in Vero Beach, Florida..,

.... then flew back up to the Outer Banks to do some destruction of his own.

Sterling Spencer enjoying a moment of solitude in the
Surf NRG RV.

Just when you think he's just full of airs the Gulf Coast Golden Boy carves a cutty reminiscent of Tom Curren.

Adam Wickwire frequent flying near JFK airport on Long
Island, New York.

Wickwire enjoying some pig dog feast in the shorebreak out east in Montauk.

The SurfNRG RV, aka "The Mighty Dolphin" making a stop
at the Unsound Pro on Long Island.


Dylan taught Sterling some Spanish in exchange for Sterling showing Dylan some riffs on guitar.

Gavin Gillette attempts a shot at the hoop from the top of the Hurely House in Kitty Hawk.



St. Augustine's Zander Morton up against a thick Outer Banks wall courtesy of Karl.

Don't believe him - he's up to something!


Dylan Graves wishing he had this rig back home in Puerto Rico to cruise the beaches of Isabella.



All Photo's Copyright Kevin Welsh / Surf NRG.