Hurricane Ivan Gulf Coast
to be featured in the upcoming DVD "Energy Crisis" available soon.

With Hurricane Ivan churning offshore just 300 miles from the coast of Brandenton the local jetties reported surf in the 4 to 6 foot range.


Satellite Beach surfer Max Douchette drove across the state to the west coast of Florida to score some of Ivan's rewards.

Jax Beach's Asher Nolan surfing below sea level..,

and attacking Ivan like he was a Jacksonville Jaguar.

Aerial wizard Aaron Cormican attempting to fly over everything and anything that came in his way.

Just one shot from Cormican's sick aerial 360 that he pulled off like it was nothing. Look for it in the upcoming DVD entitled Energy Crisis due out for Holiday.

I nicknamed this kid "The Flying Redneck". St. Auggie's Johnny Barclay living up to his name at the Bradenton jetties.

Aaron Cormican proving that he's got more than just aerials in his bag of tricks - with this switchfoot tube ride.

Melbourne Beach's Blake Jones studying the lip while taking a sick day from school.

Stephen "Skippy" Slater sliding his longboard into a clean fitting barrell at the Brandenton jetties.

New Smyrna's Casey Collins scored some nuggets after filming a session of his own.


Deerfield Beach's Cheyne Cotrell taking a track of his own courtesy of Hurricane Ivan.







All Photo's Copyright Kevin Welsh / Surf NRG.